DETROIT WEIRD: What's Happening In And Around Town


Let’s take a break from all things serious for a minute and look at some of the quirkier news stories in the media. These are more like minor stories that fell through the cracks of the major media sources. These are in no particular order… and without any further adieu let’s roll them out shall we?


Whoo man where can I start? This is old history but it’s worth bringing up again just so I can set up the current series of bizarre events. The Detroit Tiger’s Ex-  first baseman , Prince Fielder, gave us some phenomenally bad plays in last year’s Fall Classic. These included the, “Thud Heard Around The World” where he did that famous belly flop and then tripped over another player. There were other ones where he looked like he was daydreaming when he should have been tagging the other team out.

I’ll cut to the crash. Fielder was traded to the Texas Rangers and they bought up his hefty contract. Now I was personally looking forward to the game where he comes back to Detroit and faces the people. Instead of doing that he decides to get neck surgery. Granted it was necessary and needed to be done. Fielder had problems with his C-5, and C-6 discs but then he did something really weird…..

He goes on this rant and says, “I don’t give a F*** about Detroit !!” and skips out on the game altogether and takes time off. Adding gasoline on the fire he blurts out that he is going to pose nude for ESPN magazine. I thought this was a joke…. I was more like – I’ll believe it when I see it… but then he goes right out and actually does it !!

Nothing more I can say… I mean, there it is. But in the age of social media there are at any time a wide number of pixel pranksters who took can take that image and make it even more…. In your face.

The question I have now is … who is playing a joke on who?


Jack White, from the Alternative band, The White Stripes, is really into baseball lately. I had no idea he was so into sports all of a sudden. That’s cool, I like sports… and I like the White Stripes too and Jack’s style in general. The guy is a hero in my opinion. He was the one who bailed out The Masonic Temple of its tax debt and kept it pretty much hush hush from the media. More people should take a walk in Jack’s footsteps…..

But what’s up with these pictures man? Here he is at a Cub’s game looking glum and dreary. These images are priceless. That hair is out of control. Is he going to be cheerful at the Tigers game on July 29th when he throws the first pitch?


WHO WILL THROW A BETTER PITCH? The Cat Who Saved The Young Kid or Jack White?

A couple months back a cat made the hero scene by chasing off a dog who attacked a young baby boy. This was captured on video and made the viral media rounds via and mass media. The cat was talked about on CNN, The Today Show and on ABC World News. You couldn’t get away from this cat everyone was talking about him.

The cat was later invited to throw the first pitch at a minor league Bakersfield Blaze game. He had to have help of course  with someone guiding his paw but he appeared enthusiastic.


QUESTION:  Who Do You Think Will Do  A Better Job?  JACK WHITE…. OR THE CAT?




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