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And Here Is What You Need To Do About It !!

TROY, MICHIGAN – I get this phone call the other day from this business guy and here is what he says. “Theres a thousand guys who do what you do, why should I pay you?”. I said, fair enough. Right now SEO is the hip thing to do and everybody and his brother are doing it. But it never used to be like that. In fact, when I first started out there was nobody doing it and worse…. Nobody even knew what I was talking to. A lot of Michigan businesses, (Michigan being the worst) were so hard headed that they swore up and down that word of mouth was the best way to promote anything. Sadly, one by one, I watched these businesses slowly tank and go out of business.

“You should pay me because I know how to work the search engines. These web sites and social media properties don’t just automatically build themselves.” That’s my answer. But before I get too far ahead of myself I just gotta ask… “What kind of business are you in?”

Because if you are in the 10% off business and that is your main selling attractor factor you can save yourself a lot of grief and hand out flyers. Seriously. We live in a story culture. And in social media you have to have stories that you can sell and conversations that you can partake in. You have to create them, and you have to engage with other people. If you are going to stand there and blurt out that you have 10% off that is the equivalent of waking up at 6AM and going to a business breakfast function and handing out a business card to every warm body you see. You will not be effective or memorable. You and I will be wasting each other’s time.

Come back when you have a story to tell.

I got a friend who was trying to impress me with her affiliate numbers the other day. She was telling me how many millionaires she has on her cell phone. She is a network marketer, (I’m not knocking it I am just giving you the back story). She sells 2,000 items in  beauty and wellness. She is part of a 6 Trillion dollar annual industry. Got that?

She called me up to tell me she needs to borrow about $3 grand. I told her to go ask her millionaire friends. I didn’t want to get tangled up in that whole fiasco.

Now something here is definitely not adding up. With 100’s of affiliates and 2,000 products the money should be flowing in right? Well not if you are not engaging people properly. There is something wrong with the machinery here and I can see it a mile away. You’re system sucks. It’s not working. I don’t barter with people or work on bitcoin or trade….. get some money together and then maybe I can fix it.

But I can’t fix EVERY business. Some businesses don’t like to create stories around their products or services. Worse, they hate people! I get guys like that too. Their customer service is terrible. I have seen people stand by the door in their retail stores and literally chase off business. They do this by either ignoring the customer when they walk in or not addressing them properly and even forgetting to get vital email and social media info when they leave. Money walks out the door daily and this continues to occur until the business completely caves in.

GROUPON: And the Worst Class Of Customer

Every week I get Groupon complaints. I get business people who swear up and down that dealing with a discount organization like Groupon pulls in the worst class of customer. These people rarely return and buy anything. They complain. They want to the cheapest price. Worse, once they enter into the shop they haggle and want to go even lower. Their friends are cheapskates too so referrals are worthless. There is a better way to avoid all of these horrible price gouging cheap skates and network marketing nightmares.

Tell stories.

Tell AMAZING tremendous stories that people will believe in and hold valuable. People love to find out where their goods come from. They want to hear the back story. Maybe there were only so many of these items made at one time. Maybe these are a limited edition. Maybe there is a defect or a misprint in some item you are selling and that will make the item a collectors piece. There could be special health benefits with your item and maybe it can even save them money down the road after they purchase what ever it is you are selling.

Break away from the mundane price gouger by being unique and above mediocrity. You gotta tell stories to do something like that. There is no way you will ever get out of the price game by playing for the lowest price. I got out of that game years ago by being unique and refusing to partake in the price game. In my line of work I deal with this stuff all the time. I am an online marketer and will have to deal with the lowest SEO, (search engine optimization) marketers from Indonesia, Malaysia, and India. Right there I am in poor company because a lot of these guys write terrible articles and have poor command over the English language. So , to stand apart from these groups I stay with quality and write my own content.

Price gougers and time vampires are the worst kind of client. I think we can all agree on that. So why attract them. You can really cut through all of that by writing good and descriptive sales copy. This spells out what your services are about and what kind of clients you serve in black and white. You don’t have to be mean spirited about it. You can be very descriptive and explain what it is that you do and even answer some technical questions about the kinds of services you provide.

Writing good sales copy, (or copywriting) can do the following:

·         Eliminate Unsavory Potential Clients and Time Wasters

·         Get Rid Of Price Shoppers

·         Spell Out Your Policies

·         Attract High End Buyers

·         Put An End To Haggling

·         Showcase Your Results

Stories travel well on social media. Telling is selling and there are thousands of niches out there that want to hear about what you do. Hashtags can connect you to people and allow you to tell your own unique story.

Don’t just post your phone number and your address on your website. Put some entertaining content on there that will inform and educate your ideal consumer so you can get the kind of customers that you want.




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