BOWEN THERAPY: Getting To The Root Of Being Grounded
By Ted Cantu


Ever wonder what it feels to be totally grounded? I mean…. What is that? That is something you hear a lot about now that we enter into this age of higher consciousness. For the longest time I never knew what that was all about. I mean I heard about it but I had absolutely no idea how that it all worked.  I had tried different meditations and had studied the aspects of the divine from many cultures. In the process of it all I had become somewhat of an energy seeker…. Well, that’s putting it politely…. You can also argue to a respectable degree that I was somewhat of an energy junkie….. yeah?

Well it is possible you know……   

I heard about a therapy that worked with pressure points in the body. I took an interesting 3 week challenge. I walked into this blind and decided to write about it and chronicle my experience. Now keep in mind I am sure that this is different for everyone because everybody’s energy is unique. I am going to only express and communicate about my own experience.

I checked into the massage clinic not knowing what to expect. I had tried different types of massage before and all I knew was that this type of therapy was going to be in a class all its own. This starts out just like a standard massage as you climb onto the table. I wore loose clothing with just a simple t-shirt and shorts. I laid on my stomach as the procedure began…..

Now my therapist knew exactly where to touch and what energy points needed to be accessed. I felt a slight touch on my back and could feel a tight muscle. She pushed in and around it and then kind of rolled over it with her fingers and got the energy to “point” to a certain direction. That was it. She then left the room so I could process what had been done. This was so slight. I almost wondered if this was going to do any good at all.

Later she re-entered the room and worked on my lower back and it was the same deal. There was very minimal touching here and my body was getting very relaxed. The energy was being released with every touch and allowed to travel through my body. My body got very relaxed and felt very heavy. I couldn’t get up if I tried because I was in such a relaxed state. I knew by this time something was happening

I had my hamstrings worked on. This involved the same minimal touch procedure and as I laid there I could feel parts of my body “turn on”. Sometimes my muscles would twitch and I knew that I was feeling something new. It was like parts of my body were being activated. The thoughts that rolled through my head included the possibility that my body was getting tuned up. Maybe the energy in my body was circulating and now had some place to go.

During the halfway point I turned over and laid on my back. Now my arms and legs were worked on. I noticed that I was now doing squared breathing. That is to say I had equal inhales and exhales and was extremely relaxed. Parts of my body was humming and I could feel energy surging through my body and my thinking was becoming very clear. At one point maybe I was dreaming. I was in such a relaxed state that I almost felt like I was dreaming or maybe I was just in deep meditation. I knew I wasn’t sleeping exactly but I was very centered. There is nothing else I can compare this too…..  I was aware, but not sleeping. Centered. Focused.

I kind of stirred around as the therapy came to a close. I needed help getting off the table. I felt drained like after getting a very intense massage. I needed to drink some water and get myself back to the “real world”. Getting back on my feet I noticed I was a bit off centered and a little woozy. Maybe we had moved some energy around or some lymph… I’m not an expert in any of this I am just expressing how I felt. I knew something significant had happened and I was surprised that a couple of hours had zoomed by. Now as I started to snap out of my relaxed state I noticed that I was feeling more energized.

By the time I got dressed and ready to leave I was feeling very solid. I felt stronger too mentally and more alert. And to think I was experiencing all of this without any medication or excessive touch. I have been through some pretty harsh massage sessions where I actually hobble out to my car in pain. This was so gentle and yet so effective. I was re-energized.



I was hanging out at my family’s resort on vacation and was just coming down into the hotel lobby. That is when I felt my body being “pushed” into the ground. I actually felt like some kind of force was pulling my feet into the Earth. Now keep in mind, that this was not an uncomfortable feeling but a very new feeling. Yes, on some level it felt right but on another level I felt a high energy presence. My physical body felt very connected to the ground. My brain went, “Aha…” this is what it must feel like to be grounded. After all this study and trial and error I found something that made me feel connected.

You know what it really felt like? From the gut?  I felt like I was responsible. I felt like the decisions that I make are serious and that my role in this world matters and will affect others. Now that is deep but I am telling you that I felt very much in the moment. There was a heightened feeling in my energy field that what I did mattered and what I was experiencing was very serious.

Everyone should get that feeling…. I truly feel that everyone should know what that feels like.



I continued to go back and see my Bowen therapist and looked forward to it. I attended for three weeks. That last session was my longest session. I allowed my body more time to process the energetic massage pressure. It was on my last session that I noticed I had a very holistic connection with my mind, body and spirit. I had almost prophetic business ideas that popped into my head as I laid there processing in between massage applications. I enjoyed the peace and the calmness of the experience.

I was in the “zone” and I didn’t care about time or put added emphasis on my awaiting commitments.  Once again I could feel parts of my body “turning on” and hum like electric currents running through. In a way this was kind of similar to acupuncture but without the use of needles. This was a gentle procedure that brought in rivers of energy current through my body. I am convinced we were removing obstacles and energy blockages. I was so comfortable as I lay there I did not feel like speaking. I felt like I was floating.

Once again as this session ended I needed help getting off the table. The calmness I felt throughout my body cannot be matched. It is truly a very powerful experience.


Here is what you need to do to get connected....

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“A VISUAL ASSAULT: REM Dissected Scene By Scene

The bottom video was shot in 1989 and is the closest thing I could find to what the original show opener was like in 1987. This was a departure for REM as much as it was for the audience. Just when you thought you knew the band they changed on you in a new and exciting way. It would take some time to recognize them once again. In the case of, “Document” the album had to grow on me. I noticed this sort of thing happening with the Smiths too.

There was one sequence in the video, not shown in this edition, when the words – “Want” and “Need” come on screen. The words flipped interchangeably and morphed into a strobe that said, “Need Weed” and I remember the crowd going a bit wild over that. This was Ann Arbor after all. There is some talk about the set list being accurate. I do not believe, “Orange Crush” or “Pop Song 89” was performed in 1987. Those songs were released after REM went to Warner Brothers. “Document” was the last album created under the I.R.S. Records label.

There is another version of, “The One I Love” done on the live tour. Stipe starts out with a slow intro and for a minute I thought the whole song would be done slow. It then kicks into the tempo we all know. The stage was also bathed in an eerie red light. How this song got perceived as a love song I’ll never know. It was about a sick love obsession.

Over the years I hear the young kids go, “Oh who cares about that stuff, REM was long before my time.” Trust me, you wish you were there. This show was nothing but historic.

REM in 1987 and the Birth of Alternative Radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Crisler Arena >>>>

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