A To Zeppelin: The Story Of Led Zeppelin
Exploring The Legend Through Song


DETROIT - Whoa, we got a "Whole Lotta Truth" with this exceptional Led Zeppelin documentary. "A To Zeppelin: The Story Of Led Zeppelin" explores the formation of the groundbreaking heavy metal band from England. The movie is directed by Mark McLaughlin. The film is filled with interviews with the guitarist Jimmy Page and past session players. The compelling story is told through archival footage, rare photographs, and audio excerpts.

Jimmy Page got his start as a session player for The Kinks, and Joe Cocker. He rubbed elbows with producers, engineers and got a behind the scenes education of album production. It was here where he connected with future Led Zep member John Paul Jones. The two young musicians, (Jimmy was just 13) were heavily influenced by American Blues with Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, and Leadbelly. Jones was an accomplished musician and knew how to play different instruments. Jimmy Page found a temporary home with the British Blues band The Yardbirds. Jimmy Page had brought heavy riffing and guitar edge into The Yardbirds after filling in. The tenure only lasted 18 months and made quite an impression. After the final tour Page wanted to put a band together with Jones.


Singer Terry Reid from the Joe Cocker band was originally asked to sing but was unable to so he introduced his friend Robert Plant. The three of them hit it off shared enthusiasm for American blues music. After watching Robert Plant sing Page offers him a spot in his new group. For a brief while, this was called The New Yardbirds but they were missing a drummer. Robert Plant reached out to friend John Bonham who initially didn't want to forfeit his successful session playing career. He eventually joins and brings not only the beat but a powerful presence. There is big chemistry with their stage presence and they needed a new name. An urban myth is confirmed with the name choice. The WHO members John Entwistle and Keith Moon were looking to leave to form a supergroup. Upon hearing about the direction of the band Entwistle as a joke said, "This will go down like a led zeppelin" meaning it will bomb. The joke has been wrongly credited to Moon.

Led Zeppelin did a short tour of the United States and played the Boston Tea Party to 250 people. They also played in Detroit at the Grande Ballroom to a packed crowd and got favorable attention at the Filmore. But when they came home to Britain they were ignored. So they went right back to America where they were adored. John Bonham, (Bonham) gets a huge drumkit complete with a gong. While most drummers use a drum kit that size for effect and stage presence Bonzo uses every part.


The powerful combo was managed by Peter Grant who was a towering presence by himself. Grant was boisterous, gruff, and weighed 300 pounds was an overprotective music manager who changed the game of band management. Grant made the demand to give 90 percent of the live show gate back to the band which at the time was unheard of. Typically bands were ripped off from concert promoters, AR people, record labels and merchandising.

Led Zeppelin tour manager Richard Cole relates a story about the singles released. When "Whole Lotta Love" came out the song was too long for radio airplay. Atlantic Records insists on cutting a shorter version of it which upsets the band. Robert Plant wants the song to remain at its present length for artistic impact. After the release of Led Zeppelin II Jimmy Page takes an interest in the occult by purchasing magik writer Aleister Crowley. Page goes so far to buy his old castle and rare manuscripts of his work. This added the artistic dimension of the unknown to their work and has been largely attributed to the music's mysticism. There is a discussion about whether or not Led Zeppelin used occult like practices in the bands rise to popularity. This is something the band has denied and Robert Plant laughs it off. There wasn't time to do backmasking and put backward messages into their songs like "Stairway to Heaven". The amount of work that would have to be necessary to complete such a task would be extensive.


The documentary runs under an hour but it filled with interesting notes about each album. One album that was breezed over was "Houses Of The Holy". They mentioned that it was the first album with a title attached to it. All of the previous albums were self-titled with the band's name and Roman numerals. The fourth Led Zeppelin album used four distinct symbols that represented all of the band members This is some interesting facts on here that real fans will enjoy. The hour goes by very quickly and the production values are high.




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