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Who knows how long we are going to be cooped up in our houses with this COVID 19 pandemic. Just remember that Anne Frank was in hiding for 2 years and we are beginning week two. We are such a fast country always going here and there but not taking the time to smell the roses. We don't even have the time to pay any attention to the arts. Our old culture beacons have long left the building. Alternative music shows like 120 Minutes have long bit the dust, IRS Cutting Edge is a dried-up fossil and sadly our old dear John Peel has gone up to Heaven. So that means you are stuck with us. That being said I would like to point out these artists and hope they bring a bit of sunshine in your quarantined lives.

It was love at first sight fo rme and this insane band. I didn't hear about them on the radio or MTV, (who watches MTV anymore?). I didn't hear about them on Sirius radio so hats off to Youtube. This outrageous act comes from Orange, California and has been cranking out the mad jams since 1993. They are a combination of heavy metal, punk, thrash, and ska. The Radioactive Chicken Heads dress up in felt puppet costumes as a giant carrot, (Carrot Top) and a cartoonish bird, (Rockin Robin) and there is a supportive cast. The videos are almost cartoonish and are tight productions. This is great entertainment boys and girls.

We would like to hear more about them. They do have a Wikipedia page for more information.




Jake Bugg hails from Nottingham, England and I first encountered him at the Riot Fest music festival in Chicago. I was introduced to him in print first and had seen his name pop up in the NME. I put it together pretty quickly that he was a talent worth watching and decided to take an interest. Bugg was named Britains Breakthrough Act of 2013 and he had a very memorable song, "Broken" that was every bit as haunting as Jeff Buckley. But when he played Chicago he left all the tear-jerking sentiment aside and went straight for the heart with a rocking beat. He played for a little under an hour that day and was warming the stage up for Sleater Kinney who took the top evening spot and that very stage.





Comedians Rik Mayall and Ade Edmonson, (The Young Ones) are back again with another BBC comedy show. This one puts two socially inept adult men together for the ultimate Odd Couple experience. This time there is no culture clash because both of these miserable men are very odd. The jokes are crude and delivered in rich machine gun fashion. You barely have time to capture your breath before they are belting out another joke soon after. I had to put the pause button on many times so I can keep some composure and function, (you know, like breathe and stuff). I was lucky enough to find season 1 at Borders book store and knew I struck comedy gold. Now you can buy all three seasons on Itunes or you can order them from Amazon.

The central theme seems to be sex in a lot of these episodes. These two louts are social misfits. Ritchie, (played by Mayall) and his screwball roommate Eddie Hitler, (Ade Edmonson) go to sex stores to buy pheromone spray to score with local women at the bar. This goes horribly wrong and they end up getting chased by a pack of wild dogs. The name of the show could be said that these two men hit rock bottom in the big game of life. But you know that isn't so bad as long as you can laugh at your problems. And these two guys give you plenty to laugh about.




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